What We Do

Our SaaS-based platform provides available bed information from post-acute care facilities to care transition teams at hospitals.
  • Two components of Health Care Efficiency are: Technology and Quality of Care
  • Medicare Impact Act is requiring Hospitals and Post-Acute Care Facilities to report Quality of Care metrics to All Patients
  • Bed Beacon is the Sole Solution for providing this information
  • Bed Beacon is also a major step towards solving the national Health Care Efficiency Crisis


At Bed Beacon, we help care transitions teams identify resources matched to patients’ needs in a timely manner using technology to simplify the process.


Our hope is to enable patients and caregivers to spend time on what is important by streamlining your search for post-acute care facilities while empowering you with the information you need.

Dr. Kathryn Jarvis (
Health Care Efficiency Expert)

Dr. Jarvis started her career in medicine as a patient.  Her experience facing brain surgery during college shaped her mindset toward patients as she became a Doctor.  She recognized a need for her patients to receive better information about their care transitions from the hospital to nursing homes and secondary care facilities from assisted living to hospice facilities.

How can we help you?

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